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Join Ronnie Muhl, one of the few South Africans to have summited Everest, for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Make your dream a reality, put on those boots and set off on an adventure to one of the great mountains of the world.

Whether it’s Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Elbrus, Everest Base Camp or one of the other peaks you hanker after, with Ronnie Muhl as your guide, this is your time, this is your summit.


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Kilimanjaro 2009 expedition

In October 2009 Ronnie will be leading another expedition up the slopes of Kilimanjaro. Here is a look at the itinerary: (PDF download)
You can be part of the excitement as a participant , or follow the adventure online via the website updates.

The Kilimanjaro 2009 expedition starts in October. We will keep you updated on all the excitement. In the meantime, link to the Facebook Group for some chats and pictures of the group preparing for their adventure.

Thursday 08 October 2009
We set off at midnight for the summit. The climb up from Barafu was very demanding, but at first light all the climbers who had done the 8 day expedition successfully reached the summit. Bill Tyler also summited and in doing so completed his 7 summits!. Everyone is weary as we make our way down Mweka camp. What a fantastic day!

Wednesday 07 October 2009
The team has all arrived in Barafu. The spirits are running high and although there is some anxiety around, everyone is excited and feeling good about tackling the summit at midnight tonight.

Wednesday 07 October 2009
Everyone woke this morning feeling good. The excitement mounting as the team prepares to move to Barafu Camp, where they will prepare for their summit push.

Tuesday 06 October 2009
Today the team left Barranco Camp and climbed the Barranco Wall and made their way to Karanga Valley Campsite. The weather was fantastic and the views of Kilimanjaro were majestic. Everyone is in fine spirits.

Monday 05 October 2009
We woke to blue skies and beautiful views of the mountain. It was minus 3 degrees Celsius. After breakfast we did an acclimatisation climb up to the Arrow Glacier camp situated at about 4900m. It was tough going, but the team all did exceptionally well. The round trip back to Barranco camp took us 6 hours. Bill Tyler and Heidi Bronoski had finally arrived in camp and were there to meet us.

Sunday 04 October 2009
We woke to blue skies and exquisite views of Kilimanjaro. We had breakfast outside in the open and then went for a short walk. The balance of the day was spent resting at Barranco. In the late afternoon it rained and hailed in camp and it snowed heavily on the upper slopes of the mountain. Everyone is acclimatising well at 4000m.
tents local plants

tent with mountain in background

Saturday 03 October 2009
After Breakfast we left Umbwe cave for Barranco, which took us just over 5½ hours aof fairly strenuous climbing. The scenery was awesome. As we settled in to camp life at 4000m, most of the team had a slight headache and had a touch of nausea. Otherwise everyone is in good spiritis. In the late afternoon we saw Kilimanjaro in all her glory for the first time.
hiking view of valley

porters tented camp in the distance

snow on the peak

Friday 02 October 2009
It was cool and overcast as we made our way “pole, pole” (slowly, slowly) from the Umbwe gate up through the rain forest to the Umbwe Cave at 2800m. The climb took us 5 ½ hours. The team did well. We all slept reasonably well in our two man tents in the forest.
taxi rank tents

forrest forrest

Thursday 01 October 2009
After Breakfast we visited the Chagga museum and then walked to Honest Minja’s home for lunch. He is our main guide. In the afternoon we visited the market and then relaxed back at the hotel before dinner, an expedition briefing and an early night.

Wednesday 30 September 2009
Today the team travels from various parts of the world to Kilimanjaro International and on to their hotel just outside Moshi.
passport control hotel entrance



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